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Step 1: Carefully choose one question from the Reflective Learning and Writing section of eModule 1 or 2 to guide your reflection:
1.2 Reflect on and discuss some of the underlying causes of world hunger? * Historical Factors * Cultural Factors * Structural Factors * Critical Factors
(Germov, 2014, p. 7, 8).
During this assessment I am going to be using the factors from Germovs Sociological Imagination template.
Step 2: Reflect upon and analyse your experiences in relation to the topic of the question from step 1, using factors from Willis’ Sociological Imagination Template.
There are many factors that
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After my experiences with hunger and with the knowledge from organizational groups, I could not believe that hunger occurs in the cities of the richest nations on earth and they experience hunger to the absolute extreme. All communities witch live in remote areas suffering from a lack of food and water, have no choice but to travel many kilometres to the nearest feeding centre, to gain access to clean drinking water, medical supplies, education and employment, this would be almost unbearable for the weaken physical state extreme hunger and dehydration causes. Education is another underlying cultural factor, without a career this means no income, which means no money to obtain necessities. I believe the past impacts the present issue, after researching Germovs sociological imagination template (Germov, 2014, p. 7,8) on cultural factors, it is apparent to myself that there are many cultures influencing how world hunger is today, in a number of ways witch I have stated.
Historical factors: How the past influences the present.
Throughout my research I found that historical factors have an impact on world hunger, historically speaking after looking at Germovs sociological template, Germov states that historically there are established links between infectious diseases and poverty which leads to hunger (Germov, 2014, p. 7, 8). Hunger is as old as history its