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Roger Flores Religion Reflection 1/13/13 REFLECTION

I believe in this argument brought forth by David Weiss. I am also not impressed by this large donation given by Ted Turner to the UN efforts. Jesus did things that benefited the whole community without all the money.

Jesus used his leadership to persuade the community to work together. He did not need money. Jesus got people to sell what they have and give it to the poor. Jesus realized that the goods of the community are for everyone, the whole community. So I believe that David is right about Ted Turners donation being unimpressive because Jesus already put the rich on notice when he was living. In the world there are so many people living in poverty yet others are stuffing their face with all the food in the world. To be completely honest I go some days where I miss a meal because I make sure that I feed my family and little kids in the family before myself. If these billionaires actually want to make a difference in the world why don’t they make sure that people get the necessary resources they need. I have lived in both worlds and I understand both the world of the rich and the world of the poor. It is nice being rich but then when you think about how much others are suffering it becomes harder to go through life getting everything you want. You have to live life making sure that you are benefiting others as well as yourself because you