Reflesal, APA Format And Ethical Consideration In Research

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The purpose of this assignment is to discuss the following aspects. Writing the research report,
Writing a research proposal, APA Format and Ethical Consideration in Research. A research report is to communicate what was done and the final result of the project. It is the last process in the research process. A research proposal is a document which explains the case, that undertaken for research and present our plans for carrying out the research. It describes what to occur in each part of the research process. It also includes estimated cost and time. APA format consist of rules and guidelines that a publisher observes to ensure clear and consistent presentation of
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b) Material and Apparatus:
A material or apparatus is the section in which we describe anything that we used in our study. It includes tests, surveys, questionnaires or scales, software programs used to analyze data etc. Standard equipment such as furniture, stopwatch, pen, pencil etc is usually mentioned without providing detailing. Complex or custom made equipments are described using drawings or photographs. Identify standardized test by name and include a citation for instance. Also include a brief description of what the scale was designed to measure. If we prepare our own questionnaires or scales, give the details of it. Be careful not to describe procedure in this section. c) Procedure:
This section explains a detailed description of all the procedures followed in the experiment. In this section we explain the exact procedure step by step usually in chronological order that we followed throughout in our study. It also include the instructions given to the participants, group formation, specific experimental manipulation, how the test or, questionnaire was