Essay on Refrences: Family and Puerto Rico

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My life was really good growing up, until I was nine. My childhood was not the same as others. There is many kids that say their parents were loving towards each other but my parents were different. The love I saw my parent’s share with one another was the one I wished I would someday share with someone too. I adored the love my parents had for themselves. I loved my life, everything was perfect. I had the perfect family, perfect school, and perfect home. Until it all came to an end in an instance. I went from a child to an adult in the blink of an eye. Unlike other children when my parents told me we were moving, I dealt. The move was nothing big for me. I felt comfortable because I was not going alone my big brother and baby sister were coming along to experience a new life we had ahead in Puerto Rico. There was many exciting things ahead we were going to experience like hanging out with family we never met, attending a new school, experiencing a new environment and living in a house we had designed ourselves as a family. But who would of knew and who would of thought that all of these amazing things I looked forward to would soon become something I feared and wished I never came across. I was very excited in Puerto Rico. My brother in the other hand was not so comfortable in Puerto Rico and soon after came back to the United States. It hit me hard after my brother left I missed him and many things changed. My father became a monster after my brother left. My mother and I were his victims. It was amazing how he could be two different people in the blink of an eye; one was the loving and compassionate person I loved as my father, the other was something out of a horror movie. We were stuck in a cycle of anger, pain, and expected forgiveness for his actions. It took me a while to understand why my father acted like that after my brother left and why his family never helped my mother and me. Very soon I began to hate my father’s family because even after they heard the screams, saw