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How Far is Too Far?

In Michael Levin’s “The Case for Torture” published in 1982, he argues that torture will be a benefit toward our country. It has been said that torture is too brutal for this day and age but Michael Levin believes differently. Levin argues that torture would be a good way to prevent future evils, rather than looking at it as punishment it would be more of a “warning.” Democracies wouldn't lose anything if they chose to start using torture, Levin believes that they should really consider using this method. While Levin is right about torture being a quick resolution to terrorist attacks, he fails to see that America is a democracy and practicing torture is too brutal for our belief system an would have many negative effects. While I do agree that torturing a terrorist could help prevent future terrorist attacks. It could benefit our country by giving terrorist somewhat of a “warning”. But I believe that torture is unconstitutional, and as the United States of America we can find a better solution to fighting against terrorism. Levin states “Torturing the terrorist is unconstitutional? Probably” With this statement the author already knows that torture goes against the American constitution but he continues to refute his argument, with more justification of torture. Levin believes that we as a country could save millions of lives but inflicting torture in the necessary places, such as terrorist attacks. He argues that using torture “Is a matter of balancing innocent lives against the means needed to save them.” After the tragic terrorist attack on September 11th, the “post-9/11 torture program”

was approved. But in 2009 Obama banned domestic torture, and revisions were made to the Army Field manual in order to fix interrogation techniques. The use of torture is unconstitutional, the eight Amendment States that “Excessive bail shall not be requires, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.” Although Levin believes that torture can help save lives, it completely goes against everything that our country was founded on. Pro-Torture supporters argue that the eight Amendment does not apply to the military, foreigners, or anytime of wartime situations. A simple lack of knowledge and full understanding of the constitution is a main reason why…