Essay on Regal Carnation

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The Regal Carnation Hotel, Guam

Problem Statement:
Steve McKenzie a management consultant from New Jersey reflected back on his Easter Holiday trip where they stayed at The Regal Carnation Hotel in Guam. He remembered the false advertisement of the website, many missed opportunities, and the lack of management and customer service on a vacation that over promised and under delivered. He contemplated writing a letter to the Hotel owners and management, although he may not personally receive something in return, knowing he may be able to make improvements on future travelers was motivation enough.

Key Issues:
1) Management/Customer Service
2) Website Content
3) Lack of return visitors (distance, target audience)

With Steve’s
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The customer service part that was missing in this incident was the staff never informed the couple that the tag used to request the bedding be changed was in shelf in the bathroom out of plain sight (Kayalar). This seems as if this flyer is strategically placed so the employees will have to do less work than what little is required of them already.

To reflect on my point about customer service not only being provided in the materials, but also in the employee representing the company is a great example of what the housekeeping staff at Regal Hotel Carnation did not exhibit. In the case it states that most of the housekeeping staff was Filipina workers whom McKenzie overheard them speak “plausible English” throughout the Hotel, but if a guest asked them a question they would respond with “no speak English.” Their poor attitude, lack of friendliness and unhappy statures did not give off a warm, welcoming impression to have repeat guests.

To help solve the lack of customer service that is portrayed throughout Regal Carnation Hotel is to have management provide adequate training and acknowledgement to their employees. McKenzie stated that in his experience when employees have poor attitudes and an unhappy demeanor, it is the employee’s way of showing that they feel “unappreciated and underpaid” (Kayalar). The owners visit the hotel in Guam for 6 months out of the year,