Essay about Regent Street

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Liberty is a great place for any tourist to visit and imagine that this is how the English shop. It is one of leading concept stores in London, especially considering that it's situated just off frenetic Regent Street. The greatest strength of the store has always been its ability to fuse fashion and the decorative arts completely and contemporarily. Even if you don't like shopping, you will be stunned by a beautiful piece of London history, set within a Tudor revival building. The shop in itself is utterly incredible with Edwardian arts and craft build. The architecture is beautiful and somehow works incredibly well with the modern items available inside. Personally, I adore its quirkiness, how quintessentially English it is. In terms of the products, obviously the fashion is brilliant. The store is identified by a special mix of brands and products which offers the customers unique and modern experience of shopping, always in motion and highly innovative. The store addresses particular groups of customers especially customers who love perusing the vintage designer pieces or luxury street-wear products. The premise is to hone in on a consumer group rather than category of merchandise, portraying a lifestyle theme. When customers enter the stores, they are met with approachability and a sense of discovery. Rather than merchandised, the store feels curated. Merchandises for men, women, and children are melted together in harmony across luxurious, contemporary Liberty