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Language is what makes us the superior beings of this planet. It is what allowed us to come this far. Communication is an essential part to our lives and what drives us to grow and learn. It gives us a sense of togetherness and that is an important factor in what makes the world what it is. Without it we would not have been able to accomplish all of the significant things in this world that we have. It is amazing what we can do with what we have as far as human language. Without language in our lives there would be no way to portray out thoughts and effectively communicate as well without it.
There are two forms of theories. They both use specific language in order to get their points across to a generalized group. For example, in order to reach the more modernized individual, one must use proper language to make it easier to comprehend. As we can see in the depression concept, there are different definitions which depend on the person understanding. Also, the level of communication is different which depends on level of learning and the kind of language that is used in communication.
I feel that now having had this as a topic am I more aware of the importance of language. Considering this is something we grow up with and use consistently through our entire lives it is easy to forget the importance of language. Language is what is making this paper happen and it is certainly valuable to us. As far as theory development it is important to know the different forms as