Regression Analysis and Customer Satisfaction Essay

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BA 6780
Group Project: Tips for Slide Show Presentation

Your group will present the results of the Customer Satisfaction Survey Study that you planned and executed in a 15 minute in-class presentation. All group members are not required to participate in the discussion, but can if they wish. Choose a group member to discuss your statistical analyses who feel comfortable verbalizing that information.

Suggested Format (Feel free to modify this plan):

Slide 1: Title Slide

Slide 2: Introduce Organization. Give some background information.

Slide 3: Describe the factors you identified that contribute to Customer Satisfaction.

Slide 4: Describe the survey instrument. How did you measure the factors (how many items)? Note other variables that you measured (e.g., background, open-ended questions, any other interesting questions).

Slide 5: Describe your sample (use background variables).

Slide 6: Describe how you created scale scores for each factor (Factor analysis and Reliability analysis). Did you throw any items out? Did your obtained factor models match your hypothesized models?

Slide 7-8: Present the results of a multiple regression analysis that tests your model of customer satisfaction. You could include a diagram of your full regression model including the factors that you measured, and the beta weights for the path from each factor to the dependent variable, Customer Satisfaction. Make the paths from non-significant predictors look different by dashing or fading the lines. Discuss which factors appear most important…