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Regret & Loving Til’ it Hurts In Johnny Cash’s song Hurt there are many themes but two that can relate to my life are regret and “loving til’ it hurts”. Everybody has had times of regret in their life whether they would want to admit it or not. Regrets can be good depending on the situation but the regret that I will be talking about is a bad one to me. My regret was one that happened in high school. I did not apply myself through most of my high school career. Even though I made good grades I could have applied myself harder to the work. I never made under a 3.0 GPA in my life, but in order to get to my dream school at The University of Arkansas I needed better grades. I just did all the little things to get by in high school seeing as it was ok. In reality I should’ve been making 3.5 GPA’s throughout my career to get where I want to be. This regret has haunted me ever since I had to make the decision to attend The University of Central Arkansas. UCA is not a bad school but U of A is just my dream school. I plan to work hard this school year and next school year so that I may be able transfer to Fayetteville after I earn my basics. I’m striving for a 4.0 in my college career and I will get it. I didn’t come to college to party all the time but I did come to handle business then party later. In high school I procrastinated on almost every assignment, and I know that will not work for me in college unless I plan on staying up late at night. Everybody has once been in love before with a special someone who they will most likely always care about and still love. For me it happened in high school and it seemed like the best time of my life. It was my first time being in love so I didn’t know how to act. I was always happy because of this person and for a minute shut everybody else out. When push came to shove and we broke up I didn’t know what to