Regret: A place where the sea remembers Essay

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Words: 2008
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“Emancipation?! Why do you want emancipation?” “You won’t let me drop out of school to start a business with Sam!” “You want emancipation? You want to be on your own? You want to ruin your educational career by starting a willy-nilly business with Sam? You’ll regret doing that. Be my guest, son. But don’t expect anything from me.” Raena (his mom) slams the door and stomps straight up to her room. She grabs the biggest suitcase she has and piles anything she can fit. She hobbles down the stairs; suitcase in hand, and without a word, gets into her car. She doesn’t even glance back to see her son in the doorway before she heads straight for the airport. *** The next thing Raena can remember is waking up after a 5 hour flight to the sound of commotion around her. Once she is off the airplane and out of the airport, she takes a taxi to her new home in Miami. It’s a small house- about the size of a large apartment-, but it’s right on the beach. Once she is settled in, she takes a walk on the beach. The sun is setting and the once-blue sky is now like rainbow sorbet ice cream- orange and pink sprawled across the sky, with hints of light green here and there. The dark ocean waves crash up against the rocks on either side of the beach, while right in front of her, they flow smoothly in and out of the sand. She sees silhouettes of couples taking a stroll, of kids skipping rocks, of dogs catching Frisbees. To the left about fifty feet she sees two women on rocking chairs watching a little boy play in the sand. She walks up to them and introduces herself. “Hello, my name is Raena, I just moved in next door.” “Ahhh, you’re the new neighbor. Welcome! My name is Chayo, this is my hermana Marta, and that’s my son Tonito. Are you from around here?” “No, I’m not from around here. I just needed new scenery, so what better place than Miami?” “It is pretty great. I, my sister and my husband have lived here as long as I can remember.” Raena smiles, “Well, I should go in; it’s been a long day. Nice meeting you both.”

The next morning she isn’t awakened by the hot, early-rising sun, but by a knock on her door. She goes over and opens it. Chayo is waiting outside. “Hola Raena just thought I would stop by to see how you’re doing.” “Well, the sleep on the floor wasn’t very comfortable, but I plan to go get some furniture today. Do you know where I could go?” “Funny you ask because my husband owns a furniture store. I can take you there if you want. Meet at my house in an hour. See you soon.” Raena closes the door. She goes over to her suitcase- the only thing she has of her life with her son- and picks out a dress; one that she has been dying to wear, but the weather at her old house would not allow. She locks up the house and walks over to Chayo’s. The house is as cheerful as Chayo is. A bright blue covers most of the house, with a red door and yellow trim. Along the sidewalk is an array of flowers- ones she has never seen before. Chayo comes out before she can even knock on the door. “Why don’t we walk, I want to show you around town.” Along the way Chayo tells Raena all about the people who live here; she seems to know everyone. “That house right there is Rafeal and Esperanza’s place. Rafeal is the principal at the new school and Esperanza is a doctor. The big house is Fulgencio’s he is a famous photographer. Beto and his dad live in that little white house at the end of the street; he lost his mom pretty recently, but they’re friendly people.” As Chayo tells Raena more about the town, she begins to feel more at ease. It’s a cute town where everyone knows everyone and cares for one another and Raena can’t wait to forget about everything that happened with her son and move on.

**2 years later**
It’s been two years since Raena packed up her things and headed straight for Miami. At first, she was full of outrage and betrayal. She was nervous about leaving everything behind, but she knew she wasn’t wanted. She would…