Regretful Lesson Learned

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Gwen Oliveras
Professor Solley
4 October 2014
Regretful Lesson Learned I constantly think about my high school career and wonder how I could have made things better. Throughout life many people have parents or a guardian to guide you through life with the do’s and dont’s in life, I wish I took time to listen to them instead of reality slapping me in the face. My very first year of high school was of course a transition because it’s the start of the years where you find yourself. I was not the friendliest person to talk to, I was very shy and because of my past friendships and how they turned out I always felt everyone was not worthy to talk to. I started out with a small group of friends that I knew previously. In addition to the friends I had in school I truly only had one very best friend which was my mother. Every day after school I would come home and have a story to tell my mother. As years went by there were something’s I decided to keep to myself because just like any other mother she would be too concerned. For example, when I went through my pregnancy and subsequent abortion I knew that was something I got myself into and I had to get myself out. This had taught me many things about life which was that just because a guy gives you the attention you want doesn’t mean they deserve the advantage of being intimate. It all started junior year of high school; I began thinking I could take life on my own terms. This was the year my parents bought me a car and I began exploring my surrounding atmosphere. I opened up to a lot of different people this year because I thought things were a little different considering I was an upper classmen. I knew that now I turned myself into a different persona, which was a “bad ass” Spanish girl. I knew that this was someone I didn’t want to be known as but needed to somewhat me to convince myself. I was known to be loud and very outspoken, at least that’s what most of my friends told me. I mostly hung out with guys because girls didn’t really understand my attitude or my personality. Towards the end of junior year I made it a mission to actually find a guy that I liked and pursue something worth finishing through my senior year of high school and maybe even my freshmen year of college. Both of my parents are high school sweethearts they’ve been together ever since I was born and I couldn’t envy something more. The beginning of senior year a kid that I’ve known for a very long time but never really gave my attention to caught my eye. His name was Hakeem Rowe, now this particular guy had a history and was extremely known in my school. He was without a doubt different from any other guy he was a womanizer. However when I conversed with him he had opinions about everything and I loved that. All of my friends and associates around me told me it wouldn’t be wise for me to associate myself with him, but me being the stubborn person I am I did it anyways. We then started hanging out pretty much every day when we were free and spoke on the phone all the time. As time went out we didn’t really define what we were but in my mind it thought we were somewhat together. As a few months of us talking passed we began being intimate with each other. It was one time where we didn’t make the right decision to stay protected. As you can imagine I did what any right mind female would, which was to take a pregnancy test. I took the pregnancy test and it came out negative, what a relief that was. However, I knew of some people that some tests from local drug stores could come out false