Regulate School Lunches In Schools

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Most kids of today would tell you that school lunches aren't as good as they used to be, but they're missing the importance of what's really in their food. Children, today would love some Mcdonalds or a big bowl of ice cream, but as much as it tastes good and fills them up, they're missing proteins that they may later regret in life. "More than ⅓ of U.S. adults are obese" (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). It's important that we take action for our children's health and future. The federal government should regulate school lunches to help lower obesity rates in the United States, improve home life, and achieve better educational health in schools. If the federal government regulated school lunches, it would improve home life for some students. The reason behind this is that some children only get lunch to eat for that day, it should be healthy for …show more content…
By teaching kids to eat healthier at a young age, they take up the habit of it. Getting into the habit of eating healthier is always good for anyone's future and health. In some countries, offering food actually increases attendance. By regulating school lunches, students are taught about healthier habits. Students do better on tests and homework on a full stomach, this increases when it's a healthier substance. "According to a study in Britain, students who ate healthy school meals were 3.4 times more likely to focus on their studies than other kids. In Bangladesh, children who received fortified biscuits as part of their school meals secured 16% better scores than those who did not" (Should School Lunch Be Regulated?). Healthy products help children's minds and education grow in the classroom. Isn't that what every school thrives for? Every school out there should be determined on helping the students of today be successful for their future and the future of their country or even the