Regulating Weight in American Public Schools Essay

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The topic of my paper is whether or not American Public schools should be able to regulate their students health through diet and exercise. I chose this topic because I previously worked at an elementary school where this topic was being addressed, and was received with various feelings toward the subject. The health of Americans is an obvious concern for many people, because unhealthy behaviors are being passed down through generations. This is effecting the longevity of Americans as a whole. The USA is widely known as one of the most overweight countries worldwide. In recent years the school districts have taken it upon themselves to monitor the weight of the upcoming generations to help absolve this epidemic. I plan on arguing that this is wrong because this is a violation of privacy on the students part. There are other ways to address the obesity issue without violating a students privacy. Understandably there is a need for a call to action to break the cycle of obesity. But I do not believe it is worth the risk of ruining the mental health of students when they are subjected to the humiliation of having their private information about their health made public. Especially when there are other options available for improving the health of the upcoming generations. For example, creating classes for families that would not break the privacy of minors, through the intervention of a school district. In my paper I will discuss things that must be considered when evaluating this topic, such as the gain of physical health versus the lose of mental health due to bullying that would ensue according research conducted on this subject. As well as the futures of the children after being exposed to the school programs being implemented in the schools especially elementary and secondary schools. Due to the focus of elementary schools and secondary schools I will attempt to reach an audience of parents and teachers in the age range between 30 to 45, the average ages of the elementary parents and teachers. I will mention the opposing sides of the argument within each criteria that I write on. For example: mentioning the side that is pro health regulation in schools in the paragraph about the physical versus mental health paragraph by saying their stance on this specific criteria, and then continue to write on why the con health regulation in schools has a better stance and what could be done to improve the situation at large. I hope at the conclusion of my paper my audience will be able to draw the conclusion that these programs should be eliminated or modified because of the negative effects that the students are showing due to the bullying they are being exposed to. I also want them to be aware that there are other ways of monitoring and changing the weights of the upcoming generations. This is especially specific to my audience because the parents and teachers are the ones that can put the change into action. I will introduce my audience to ways of creating change through the use of petitions, and creating better habits outside of the classrooms rather in homes within a family unit. In the conclusion of my essay I will restate my purpose in writing this say as well as the call to action I am suggesting; that health regulation is schools should be eliminated or modified because of the negative effects on the children due to bullying as a result of the breach in privacy.

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