Regulations: Bathing and Fitness Center Essay

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JAAM Fitness Center

No Person is permitted to use the Fitness Center or athletic facilities until the individual has reviewed and signed all applicable forms.

Hours of Operations: 7am-10pm, 7 Days a week

Regulations: • Identification required for sign up • LSC Students/Faculty must carry their student ID card with them for fitness center and present it. • Appropriate attire and proper Shoes (sneakers) are required • (pants, shorts, sweats, leotard,etc.) • Not permitted in fitness center- jeans, khakis, cut off denim, bathing suits (if there is no pool) • No foods or drinks other than water permitted in the fitness area. All bottled water must be removed from the fitness center upon user departure. • Chewing gum must be disposed of in the trash receptacles provided • Profanity or Abusive language is not permitted. • No one under the age of 16 is permitted to work out in the facility without proper supervision. • All electronic and equipment units, may not be moved at any time. The only exception id for free weights and exercise balls. • For safety reasons you must have at least two people present to use free weights. • Use of personal stereos is acceptable with the use of headphones or when other patrons are not present. • Patrons must wipe down equipment after every use • Lockers and Showers are for LSC students, Faculty and members of the JAAM Fitness Center. • A key for your locker will be assigned upon registration. If key appears…