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Regulatory Bodies – Are they good?

In this Document I’ll be explaining the following… What are regulatory bodies? Who are they, who do they cover or regulate, how do they regulate the people or company, any strengths and weaknesses they have and finally an overall view on if I believe them to be doing a good enough job in making sure our children and young people are looked after. I have chosen to cover 4 different Regulatory bodies who work with children and young people. They are:
Teaching Agency
These are just a small amount of regulatory bodies that are in place to help ensure our safety and care in just the UK alone. Regulatory bodies are organisations that have been put in place to ensure that standards are kept at an acceptable level and to keep everyone out of harm’s ways and safe whiles in the work place or care setting.

OFSTED: This is an organisation that is in place by the government to make sure that every school is safe, well organised and is still keeping up with the level of standards set to ensure our children’s safeguard, education and understanding. They regulate any staff who work there and the environment that the children will be in (such as the condition of the school or college, the outcome of the work in the class room and the friendly environment that should be in place everywhere). They do this to help avoid anything dangerous or harmful from happening to vulnerable children and people which isn’t just the students but the staff as well, furthermore they do this by conducting regular checks, inspection and small interviews with the students. Looking into how Ofsted have been doing over these past couple of years I have found that they are being criticized on the overall effect they have on people and schools whereas the main positive side of Ofsted are that the teaching methods are better and watched more closely and the health and safety of both pupils and staff are better, plus overall expectations rates have risen a lot since they have been granted more power and control over the methods and changes they can enforce onto bad or degrading schools. In my opinion Ofsted have made a massive improvement to all our schools and colleges and helps to make education better easier (to some extent) and safety for everyone more assured which is beneficial to everyone working in this environment.

Teaching agency: This organisations was put into place alongside the same aims as Ofsted however they only look at the teachers and their methods in more detail than Ofsted. For instant they make sure the teachers are correctly trained, correct methods of teaching are used to improve the children’s learning experiences is easier and better suited for both teachers and pupils and regulator system checks are in place to make sure the everyone isn’t at risk or made to feel vulnerable around new teachers or staff all of a sudden. They make sure every teacher has followed the guidelines they have set in place to ensure the methods like physical or written method to improve learning are done to benefit everyone and other things like a professional quality care and teaching is given whiles also providing the right approach to the children and young people. The strengths of this organisation are that they only look at the teachers in general making the chances of missing something like Ofsted may do smaller therefore reducing the chances of bad treatment or misunderstanding of teaching methods from happening. However, some people say that the teaching agency isn’t given enough power to change the overall standards set and this is a result in poor education given in some schools and teacher ‘not doing their job correctly’. In my conclusions and investigation when I asked around and searched the internet have found that they put more pressure on high standing schools to maintain the level of quality rather than pushing the standards of poorer quality school to improve which may lead to them missing