Food And Beverage Industry Essay

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Canadians enjoy one of the highest living standards in the world, like other leading industrialized countries, over a century Canada has erected an elaborate and complex regulatory system to provide an immense significant services and protections, ranging from accessible shelter to safe food to universal healthcare to a non-polluted save environment. Food and beverage industry is one of the country’s largest manufacturing sectors and an essential channel for Canadian agricultural products. Extensively, food and beverages industry covers a massive fraction in manufacturing sector and has an essential contributor to country’s gross domestic product GBP.
“The food and beverage processing industry is the largest manufacturing industry in Canada in terms of value of production with shipments worth $92.9 billion; it accounts for 16% of total manufacturing shipments and for 2% of the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP). It’s the largest manufacturing employer and provides employment for 290,000 Canadian” (Significance of the Food and Beverage Processing Industry in Canada.
Recent decades have seen significant changes in the global food environment. Over 70% of processed food and fresh fruit and vegetables are now imported into Canada. . Food industry cannot operate without proper governmental regulations which are mandatory in every sector. This is industry is link with many sensitive area of environment include health and safety of every stakeholder. Genetically modified has been the extremely terrifying issue in current world. Health is getting compromise by almost every manufactures. Regulations on this kind of issue are still in process government of Canada is still trying to figure out the proper solution of this issue. Along with genetically modified food thread, food wastage is consistently the most important all time issue for Canadian regulatory agency. Many policies had been imposed on this issue but still government is unable to come up with some strict solution.
Regulatory environment has been established by laws and regulation imposed by federal and local government in order to develop control over business practices. Regulation designed by government on food industry is imposed to prevent stakeholders from the consumption of unhealthy food. Food adulteration is one of the oldest term uses in the food regulation language.
“One of the earliest references to food adulteration is found in English Assize of Break Act, which dates back to about the year 1200 during the reign of King John. In 1860 the English Parliament enacted a landmark broad food law, not designed to control specific items but rather aimed at preventing adulteration of all food and drink. This law was amended in 1872 and again in 1875” (Food Legislation.
Canada has a mature and well-functioning system of industry regulatory governance. It has been consistent in the, pursuit of efficient, transparent and accountable regulatory institutions and procedures. Since the past few decades, food and beverage industry has tremendously developed horizontally as well vertically which expand the necessity of laws and regulations exponentially.
Now, food industry regulation required to be compatible as far as possible with competition, trade and investment facilitating principles at both domestic and international levels. Protection from sales of unsafe and health hazards government of Canada has regulated an act called Food and Drug Act (FDA), which ensure that exports and imports transaction incurred that company should be ethically sound and healthy under safety parameters.
“The food and Drugs Act (FDA) is an Act regulate by Parliament of Canada which governs the production, import, export, transport, and sale of food. FDA was first standardize in 1920 and was eventually revised in 1985. It ensures that food provided in Canadian market is safe and tested ingredients.” (Significance of the Food and Beverage