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Reinhardt University is located in Waleska, Ga in the middle of a beautiful nowhere, Reinhardt is a quiet, peaceful, fun, friendly campus with great activities to do around campus just about every day and Reinhardt is not only known for its academics but for its sports such as baseball and softball where are the main sports for now. One new sports team that has been added to Reinhardt is the new football team which we will be starting our season in August of 2013. Playing football other than getting an education and making friends is the main reason I came to Reinhardt. Playing football, getting an education, and making new friends are the reason I chose Reinhardt.

Reinhardt is relatively know as a quiet campus because academics are the face of Reinhardt and I believe it will stay that way if Reinhardt wants the parents to agree to let their child come here. From what I’ve heard and now experienced, there are some really nice and great teachers that actually know what they are talking about, know what they are doing and, the teachers actually want me to pass. Reinhardt not only has a great teaching staff but also a great tutoring center where I would be able to can set up a time, choose the subject I want to be tutored in and, I go up there and they help me out with whatever subject I need. Let’s say I’m embarrassed or something like that to go to the tutoring center it wouldn’t take much to ask a smart classmate and it wouldn’t be a problem for them unless they don’t like me then that could be a problem. It’s the little things like asking for help for my education that make Reinhardt’s so special and a great place to learn.

Reinhardt is a friendly campus with many different cliques or groups to join. Many and most groups will accept me in their “family” or “crew” as they call it now days if they feel that I can fit in with them or they just like me and my personality. When I first got to Reinhardt I only went in my room twice the first day and that was to put my stuff in there and to go to sleep, I was too busy out trying to make friends. The great thing about Reinhardt students is that sometimes they will come up because I’m big guy with big arms and I look good. I visited Reinhardt sometime in the spring for a tour and look around of the place and whatever building I walked into there was someone greeting me and had a big real smile on their face like they were