Reinstateing the draft Essay

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Devon T. Brown
English IV 1st Period
Argumentative paper
Reinstating the Draft Research Paper Reinstating the Draft is a good idea because there will be less crime in America there also will be less people in jail and the economy will be better and there will be less kids dropping out of school. The reasons to support this reason is that in Paragraph 5 of the Saturday Evening post they say “less than 1 percent of our population carry the burden of war for the remaining 99 percent More than 15 million register for selective service system and only 1.5 million are on active duty”. To me that means that 99 percent of people are either working, selling drugs or in jail when they had the draft if you dropped out you was shipped into the military more than half the kids that go to school dropout so to me. I think we should bring the draft back because if we had the draft it will make kids think if I do this I will be shipped off to the military I’m not saying the military is a jail or anything I’m just saying if we had the draft there will be less drop outs less kids selling drugs and less kids in jail. Many people might disagree with what I said but the fact is if we have the Draft the world will be better it also will be safer.
Another Fact about reinstating the draft is when you join the military you learn skills and combat that you never would have thought about in the 2 article that I had Mark Finelli
Corporal, U.S. Marine Corps said when 9/11 happen he thought they was going to reinstate the draft but they didn’t and he joined the military and he learned a lot in the military that he never knew A draft would remedy that immediately. America's bravest are currently fighting in Iraq and