Admissions Of Course Studies In Art Institute Of California

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To Whom It May Concern:

I am an international student, who came to USA on 17 September 2011 to pursue my further studies in HOTEL MANAGEMENT; in Art Institute Of California.

On arriving at the Art Institute Of California, I went to see the student advisor, regarding the course structure that was shown to me in my study guide package. On seeing the advisor at Art Institute Of California had completely different package, which was not the course I wanted to study. I was given incorrect information regarding the course details. I requested them to change the course structure to the one they had first offered to me, on the basis that I had come to U.S.A, and they refused to do so. I told them I will have to change the school and they threatened me to send me back to my country.

I called SEVIS office and spoke to them regarding the issue and spoke to them about the school I was interested in going, which was San Diego Mesa College and they were closed for admissions for the semester and had to wait for the admissions to open for spring semester of 2012. To comply with the immigration law, the officer advised me to take a short-term course and keep looking for the desired course. And once any school admits you the Art Institute Of California has to release you.

To comply with the immigration law I took admissions in English School and the Art Institute Of California had to release me, mean while I started to attend the English school regularly & started looking for the school that offers me the course that I was interested in. While I was searching for the schools, did my research for San Diego Mesa College where I wanted to be & made an appointment to see the International Admissions office at San Diego Mesa College. The advisor was great she explained the course in detail and asked me of my educational background & based on that she advised and offered a course that suits the best for me. I liked the course & I was happy and excited to be in the school and the course that was offered to me. I made application to the San Diego Mesa College.

I got the admission in San Diego Mesa College and the English school released me. I was finally very happy to be in San Diego Mesa College where I wanted to be in and got the admission in the course I was interested in studying.

I am writing this letter to appeal for my academic dismissal from San Diego Mesa College. I was not surprised, but very upset to receive a letter earlier this week informing me of my dismissal. I would like to urge you to reinstate me for next semester.

I admit, I had a very difficult time since 19 April 2012 to November 2012, and my grades suffered as a result. I don't mean to make excuses for my poor academic performance, but I would like to explain the circumstances. I knew that registering for 16 credit hours in the fall would require a lot of me, but I needed to earn the hours so that I