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REQUIRED MATERIALS: For Business majors or other students who must also take Accounting 2603:
Special binder: Financial and Managerial Accounting, Waybright and Braun, with MyAccountingLab,
2011, Prentice Hall, 1st edition -- $160.00
For those who need to take only Financial Accounting (Accounting 2602):
MyAccountingLab Access Code W/E-text Financial Accounting, Waybright, 2011, Prentice Hall, 1st ed., $105.00

Course Description Students will study of the accounting cycle and generally accepted accounting principles including preparation of financial statements.

Accreditating agencynand Course Objectives and Outcomes The purpose of the course is to provide you with an introduction to the concepts and principles underlying financial accounting. It will provide business and non-business majors with insights into issued involved in generating and understanding financial statements for use by external decision-makers. It will provide accounting majors with the background necessary for further study in financial accounting.

Accounting: To understand, remember, and converse about the basics of financial accounting. To gain an understanding of the accounting cycle by making journal entries, adjusting journal entries, closing entries, and preparing financial statements. To be able to analyze financial statements and use them for decision-making purposes.

Analytical Skills: To be able to use what you have learned to evaluate the financial condition of a company and communicate that information to an audience. To see the interaction of financial accounting in business and government. To gain confidence in your