Related Literature Review: Review Of Organizational Development

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Review of Related Literature This section contains literatures and studies conducted here in the Philippines and abroad that have bearings to the presented study from various sources as books, magazines, newsstand and internet.
Skill Variety According to Risgard (2017) Skill variety is how much an occupation requires nature in doing the work. Errand personality maybe upon what amount of those occupation obliges on have an outline of the flat unit of the organization. Work hugeness will be the extent to which job is critical. The job must have the skill variety in that different skills and talent should be utilized to carry out the work. In addition Hessel (2014) stated that the perfect over will be that having a variety of skills from asserting
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Its power is often mentioned in articles about learning and teaching. Finally, it is used to suggest ways in which feedback can be used to enhance its effectiveness in working environment. It shows that when the results of an organizational development involvement are fed back properly and action plans are made, factors related with leadership and commitments to organization are enhanced. The study compared the effects of job feedback, including the making of action plans and job feedback without a useful data shown that the feedback action plan reported greater with improvements about leadership factors and commitment to the organization action plans, to the effects of no feedback at all on some psychosocial factors. Bergström …show more content…
Similarly Bahrami (2013) show that job characteristics had positive effect upon employee motivations and job feedback had the most effect on employee motivation. Hence, it is necessary to take into account that job characteristics have a great role in changing the level of essential motivation in the staff.
Thampi, (2014) stated that Job feedbacks are the most prominent non-monetary job related factors that highly influence the motivational level of employees. It is evident from the study that employee performance has significant strong positive correlation with motivational factors such as importance of job and job feedback and a moderate positive correlation with work schedule flexibility and job security.
Task Significant According to Blunschi (2013) task significance is positively related to job satisfaction, engagement in helping the behavior, and personal initiative, and the awareness of negative related to emotional tiredness. It is partly or fully facilitated on perceived task