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Communication in Relationships
St. Ambrose University
Interpersonal Communication
September 25th, 2012

Relationship Analysis 2

Communication in Relationships The relationships that we build with others reflect entirely on the ways that we communicate. However, the manner in which we communicate, also reflects on our self-concept. Our view of ourselves completely alter our associations with the people around us. It can sometimes create misconceptions and negative energy. The assumptions that we make about what we perceive also effects the way we talk and act around the people we are closest with.
Definition of Concepts Being surrounded by your family and your friends puts you in a situation where you have to act a certain way. It is not hiding who you are, it is managing your identity. Self-concept not only effects the way that you communicate, it effects the way that others act towards you. What you think of yourself shows in almost everything you do. Perception also adds to your actions. When you see the humanity of the people around you, that often causes you to put them under a certain category in your mind. You tend to keep some things to yourself. None of this is negative, it is only the way the brain works!
Managing Your Identity The first concept I am going to tell you about is Identity Management. There are three ways of managing how others around view us; appearance, manner, and setting. Throughout the day, most people use multiple identities such as; “hard working student,” “committed worker,” and “friendly neighbor.” I often changed characters when I am around my parents. However, I can admit, it is a tough situation when you’re surrounded by your parents and also your friends.
Relationship Analysis 3
You are forced to play two different roles at the same time. Some identities may conflict with each other. Social rules change our behavior in a variety of settings: If we didn’t meet certain expectations at work, it would be impossible to keep our jobs. I would not be working for very long if I approached a customer at my work the same way I approach my friends. Identity management also occurs on social networks. In my class, we were assigned to answer questions on the blog and our teachers then graded them later that day. She told the class the following Thursday that most students typed as if they were “talking to a friend on Facebook.” Some do not understand the importance of managing your identity, because it can effect everything around you.
Self Concept Self Concept is the stable set of perceptions that you hold of yourself. The way that we view ourselves can often change others’ perceptions. Some have very high self-esteem and that is mostly because they ignore their negative qualities. People often separate themselves from people who think badly and have low self-esteem because like me, it is nice to surround yourself by positive people. There are also times that we think of ourselves more harshly then need be. After the age of thirty, most of our self-concepts will not change. In class we worked on an activity called, The Johari Window which opened my eyes to what people think of myself. It also showed others what they did not know about me.We often deny when our favorable self-concept has changed over time. If you used to be a successful student, realizing that you have been slacking off is not easy.
Relationship Analysis 4 The great thing about managing your identity, is that