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Module 4/ Assignment 2: Reflection Paper 1

Module 4/ Assignment 2: “Relationship Analysis” Reflection Paper

Raymond Martin

Interpersonal Effectiveness

July 24, 2009

Module 4/ Assignment 2: Reflection Paper 2 The type of relationship I will be analyzing is my friendship with Jeremy Orner. The relationship model that best describes this relationship would be the one developed by Mark Knapp (Knapp & Vangelisti, 2006) who broke down relationship development into ten steps. This model explains friendship throughout our ten years as friends, so far we have been through 9 of the ten steps; Initiating, Experimenting, Intensifying, Integrating, Bonding, Differentiating, Circumscribing, Stagnating, and Avoiding,
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We did everything together, we even worked at the same manufacturing plant. We pretty much shared everything with each other, we were “BestFriends”.
Module 4/ Assignment 2: Reflection Paper 4
I would refer to his mother as mom and vise versa.

Differentiating This is where we started to show each other that we were different. It stared with one weekend, we made plans without each other I went out with some of my other friends without Jeremy and that triggered the start. We weren't hanging out as much anymore, I was dating Krista who would be the mother of my child in the future. I started to spend more and more time with Krista.

Circumscribing This is point in our friendship were it started to decline. I was spending more and more time with Krista. Jeremy would invite me to a party or to go hangout and work on the Trans AM, I would tell him I have already made plans with Krista, I would now just occasionally go out with Jeremy maybe once or twice a month and every time we would hangout we would argue about Krista, how I shouldn't ditch my friends all time to be with Krista.

Avoiding At this point I move out and moved in with Krista who was pregnant at time. I started a new job Drilling, Jeremy and I stop hanging out all together and ignoring phone calls, not answering text for days at a time. We are still in this point of our friendship to this day, he lives in Utah and I live in