Relationship Analysis Paper

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Relationship Analysis Paper
A number of well-thought out socio-culture proverbs, which highlight the cultural values of mankind by spotting on the fact that the quality of life lies within the quality of relationships we have, actually refer to the depths of social associations that the masses possess and extract out the true essence of human life in relation to the social surroundings humans are engrossed with. This reveals that a true relationship is when one loves for the sake of loving and not for achieving some desired outcomes. Love is all about selflessness and relationships are all about nurturing true feelings of esteem and
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in Prince and Logan-Price 5). And this can only be achieved by communicating and listening to others’ perceptions with concentrations and willingness to show them you are interested enough in knowing and understanding what they actually mean (Nichols 158). This practice could enhance the relationship between the two of us. I also believe that questioning his perceptions in a constructive manner can relate me to his ideas in a better way and can clarify in case there is some misunderstanding or misinterpretation, so that matters can be attempted to be resolved. This would also make him realize that I am indulged and concerned enough with his perspectives about various things and would help me step ahead towards his likeliness as an understanding mom. Moreover, practicing the reconfirmations of his verbal or non-verbal expressions by paraphrasing what he illustrated could also make our minds clear and would be a great help in eliminating various ambiguities and incoherencies.
It is my assumption that responsive listening, if practiced in like any other interpersonal skill, can only be achieved if we both are willing to put in our efforts, else any thing that is one-sided can never be as effective as if practiced from both ends. The most frequently used phrase between us is “I know what you are going to say,” which always creates a problem and perplexity because social and ethical values demand that a person who started a sentence must have a right to