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Religious Education: Moral Decision Making
Part 1:
Scenario One:
1. I have lied to my parents in telling them I’ve gone to my friends house when instead have gone to a party. This addresses the ethical issue of loyalty and trust between parents and their children.
2. In this situation I can call upon common sense in guiding me through the right process, through my friend being sick I would call paramedics to help assist him in getting better. I would next call my mum, although I would get in massive trouble, I feel the relationship between me and my mum is really strong and she would first put the anger aside to insure I’m safe, picking me up, and helping my friend also get home safe too.
3. In this situation it would be possible for police to turn up to the party and with my friend taking drugs, the law could possible get involved. Another consequence would be after my parents finding out I would be in serious trouble and would most likely be grounded; an effect to this would be trust issues between my parents and me. They would lose trust in me and wouldn’t allow me to go to parties again. Another issue would be my friends parents also wouldn’t trust me anymore, seeming as if they wouldn’t allow their child to hang out or kick back with me anymore encouraging that I’m a bad influence on him.
4. In processing the first 3 questions and processing the positives and negatives of the situation, I would decide and act in the following ways; I would accept the consequences that come, as I believe its more important for my friend to be safe and okay than him/her being seriously injured or even dead. I would first call the paramedics before calling my mum and explaining the situation.
Scenario Two:
1. My friend has managed to sustain a very important science exam, in which plays a very high role in grades. This addresses the ethical issue of honesty between teacher and student and also addresses the ethical issue of honesty between friends.
2. In this situation I would first call upon my nan, who I’m really close too and for my whole life has offered me wise and succeeding advice, I would then talk to my cousin who is a teacher at another school, these are the two people I would seek guidance and advice off.
3. If caught selling or even having the assignment, my friend could get in serious trouble being in risks of getting suspended or even expelled. In even knowing about him/her having the exam could put me in serious trouble and even could possible collect the same consequences, this would put me in serious danger of also getting expelled.
4. After processing the rights and wrongs of the situation and undertaking the first three questions, I have decided I would act in the following ways; I would first approach my friend and tell him to either get rid of the exam or keep it to himself in not giving it or selling it to anyone else. If he continued to sell or give away the exam then I would continue to privately approach the teacher and explain the situation, I feel this is right because I did warn him and gave him a chance on keeping it for…