Relationship between Business Strategy and Purchase Strategy Essay

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Section 3
Secondary consideration of the strategic linkages between business strategy and purchasing strategy

Business Strategy- Outcome 1
Characteristics of a strategic management:
For specific organisations like Tesco, ford motors and the public sector, the characteristics will be all that similar in every way in order to have a good control over managing their supply chain.
A key topic is Integration, this is when a company takes their planning side and specifies it under the strategic management, it is also essential to integrate goals as well as objects alongside the internal and external sides of the institution.
Flexibility is one of the most important characterises in any supply chain, in determining long term strategies, there can be several intricate problems and hazards that can be visible, on that case, the management can take hurried decision adapting to changed environment, which flexibility is needed.
Another important characteristic is speed with important relation to ford motor and their busy supply chain where it is shown speed is the one thing that helps them produce such products in the limited time they have. To bring the dynamism under the strategic management, it is inevitable to access the important affairs so that it may be possible to speed up the pace of action at present and future.
Using innovation or creativity is an important feature in the supply chain. Again using relation to ford motors and also Tesco we know that the environment is ever adapting to change where this has proven to be very demanding and taste, and behavioural patterns of…