Relationship Between Juism And Judaism

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The number of people who believed in Hinduism greatly outweighs the number of people who believed in Judaism. The fact that Judaism was commonly known not to proselytize and that Jewish people have been the center of attack and ridicule over many years Contributed to the great difference in number of followers for Judaism verses Hinduism.
One of the many factors that resulted in a fewer number of people who follow Judaism in contrast to Hinduism is that Judaism was never known to proselytize (to convert or attempt to convert.) Judaism doesn’t believe that to reach salvation you must believe the same thing; they believe that even if someone is not born Jewish, but is still a good person, they will be granted the opportunity to keep company in the Garden of Eden whether or not they had a Hebrew name. In result, this leaves less to no incentive for non-Jewish people to convert and Jewish people to convert others. This is not the only root of the lack of proselytizing. The connection between proselytizing and politics may contribute to the low number of Judaism followers because they were not able to come to power which makes it more difficult to coerce local people in joining their religion. Unlike in Hinduism where there were strong political groups that aimed to stop apostasy and for the most part were successful along with the condemning of people who converted from Hinduism to another religion. These two factors (people actively coercing others to stay faithful and the incentive to be accepted) resulted in the rise of Hinduism followers. These actions led to the decrease of Judaism followers while simultaneously increasing the number of Hinduism followers.
Another major reason for the drastically low number of Judaism followers compared to Hinduism followers is the fact that Jewish people were constantly the center of attack and ridicule over many centuries. Many events occurred and gradually lowered the population event by event. Resulting from the destruction of the first temple, many Jews