Relationship Between Man And The Dog In Brad Watson's Seeing Eye

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In the short story Seeing Eye, written by Brad Watson, we see a strong relationship between a man and his dog. A blind man is at a stop light waiting to cross the street and his only companion is his guide, his dog. The man and his dog stand at the light for a very long time and the story just reminisces on the dog’s thoughts and sights and sounds. The story is all about the dog’s point of view and how he views the world or from the knowledge of a dog, a big full place of moving object and things that like to touch and look and make these weird noises at him. A dog’s view of the world is completely different from that of a human. In the short story the author writes, “Across the street, the signal flashed the words “Don’t Walk.” The dog saw the signal but paid little notice. He was trained to see what mattered: the absence of moving traffic.” A dog has no clue what …show more content…
The dog recalls many memories from the past. “Sometimes in their room the man paced the floor and seemed to say his words in a time with his steps until he became like a lulling clock to Buck as he lay resting beneath the dining table.” The dog can’t understand the words but he can remember every moment with his owner. The dog remembers memories from his previous owners. It was originally raised on a farm and the children would say to the dog, “Pete! Good old Pete.” The dog remembers little details about his life just like we as humans do. Just like a human, a dog has to stop thinking about memories and the stuff it hears and the stuff it smells and tastes and jump back into reality. The cars stopped and the noises of the cars calmed down and the dog had to get back to his purpose, leading the blind man. This short story comes to show that a dog is truly a man’s best friend. Man and dog are a lot alike in many different ways. Just as a dog depends on a man to survive, a man can sometimes depend on a dog to