Relationship Between Us Colonies And Britain

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By the year 1763, the relationship between the US colonies and Britain was strained at best. The people of America began to increasingly see themselves as independent people. During this time period, the British tried desperately to hold onto their investments in North America. They enforced new restrictions and taxes meant to subdue the restless colonies, who responded with new values and ideals that led to the eventually separation from Britain. By 1763, Britain had enforced several taxes in hopes of bringing the colonies back under their full control. This turned about to be a big mistake as it just encouraged the colonists to renew their struggle for complete independence. Around the same time, the French Indian war was coming to a close, and Britain was struggling with money. Both the Sugar and Stamp Acts were passed by Britain’s government, leading to higher taxes on sugar, molasses, and paper products. During this time the Sons and Daughters of Liberty were formed and began the motions for an independent nation. Another act was eventually passed that pushed the tension to a breaking point. The Tea Act led to the call towards revolution. All in all, the British plan to gain control of the colonies again through various taxes didn’t work; instead, it managed to further alienate the colonies from England and its allies. Further restrictions were also placed on the colonists in order to regain British control. An example of this is the Proclamation of 1763, which prevented colonists from moving west of the Appalachian Mountains. Another enforcement of the British was the Quartering Act, which had colonists housing British soldiers against their will. Americans slowly began losing their rights to the British rule. People were sick of having to bow down fully to the British crown. They began to shape their values towards independence, freedom, and equality. This led to a call to