Relationship Between Work Output And Work Input Of A Machine

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This paper is about the relationship between the work output and work input of a machine taking in the consideration the machines mechanical advantage. The term work input refers to the work done on a machine as the input force acts throughout the input distance. The term work output is the work done by a machine as the output force works throughout the output distance. This essay will have paragraphs on mechanical advantage, law conservation of energy, and the amount of efficiency. One way work output and work input are related is that the more work you put into something the more work you get out of it. For example if four people are making 100 lollipops, the more work the four people put into the process the faster and more lollipops you will get out of it. The more people put into this task the faster the task will be done. In a machine the more work done on a machine the more work you will get out of it. The definition of efficiency describes the amount of effort put into something. Efficiency is one of the basic reasons work input and work output are related. The more effort put into something, more work will come out of it. That is why the equation of the percent of efficiency is work output divided by work input, they are both related in the ways of the machine. The efficiency can be lightened with the help of simple machines, such as levers and pulleys. The law conservation of energy states that the total amount of energy in a system remains constant although energy within the system can be changed from one form to another or transferred from one object to another. The law of conservation of energy means that when energy is being used, it is not being used up. Instead, it is being changed from one form into another. So work input and work output are related to this because the work input is the work being done on a machine and the work input is the work being done by the machine, the energy or work in the machine is being changed to one form into another. The work being put into the machine is being formed into another. This is yet another reason the two are related. The purpose of a machine is to create a mechanical advantage that will facilitate your ability to move an object against resistive forces. MA is greater than one, causes the input force to be small while the input distance is large. This relates efficiency, like simple machines, it makes things easier, This means that even though you are putting in a