Essay Relationships: Love and Certain Little Details

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Relationship Problems

It's been a month and a half since my last gf broke up with me I still have reasons and plenty of things I wish I could have said hopefully its not to late to tell her after being pushed away it affected me the most. So my gf breaks up with me, my brother takes my gf knowing I wanted a second chance with her and supposedly I have my brothers "gf" now who apparently loves me. They all don't know the real meaning of love. Love is from the heart and not from the pockets. My love for my ex is tremendous although she was to blind to see it. Now I fear the worst that my ex and my brother will stay together not knowing what or why she broke up with me. She says I have no flaws which is just a way to say I don't want to hurt your feelings and tell u what u did not do. After realizing that my feelings have been deeply uncared for I have felt over these few days very betrayed by my own younger brother who I feel had no desire for me to feel better about myself and instead turn all of the attention to himself. I never thought that this would happen but she has only been my gf for a week versus the month they have been together. So instead of him giving me any encouragement all he did was bring my self esteem down this is not a fair thing to do he has also left his ex to me just to get with my ex so on top of these certain little details I may have lost her completely she was my love, my world, my only and I sacrificed everything I had to be there for her,to care for her, and to respect her with what I believe I should treat every girl with and from this point…