Relaxation: Play and Jungle Gym Essay

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A Place of Relaxation Imagine a place where the hot sun would beam down on you until the dark night came and the cold timid air entered the atmosphere. Looking out the household window, you would never imagine such a place where a child was able to expresses his or herself and run around free until dinner. As your eyes begin to wander through the window, you see a narrow ridged path which leads you to a secluded green mountainous area filled with the chirpings of birds and laughter of people. The rocky pathway underneath you unfolds, leading you to an area surrounded by friendly faces. Everyone is willing to lend a hand and you are greeted with smiles as you pass by to continue your journey.
Surrounding the pathway are tree trunks from which leaves hang giving off a sense of wildlife. From the trees hammocks hang waiting for people to indulge in them. As you look, you see around checker tables surrounding the secluded area filled with grandparents playing with their grandchildren or friends. You are able to hear non-competitive arguments about how the game of checkers and chess should be played. This reveals the simplicities of life and how little moments such as those can bring about a smile on an innocent child’s face. The feeling of calmness and tranquility fills the environment as you begin to hear the soothing sound of the ocean from afar. The waves crashing from a distance make you want to live life on the edge and explore the world surrounding you. Continuing your journey, you come across a grey rusted gate with see-through holes embracing it. As you enter the park, your eyes are quickly drawn to the shape of the area which penetrates into a circle with colorful cement floors. Layering the cement floor are games such a tic tack toe and hop scotch surrounded by the storms of children. As you raise your head from the corner of your eye you can see an enormous whale slide with bumps indented into the figure. The line to go down the slide is stretched all along the park filled with eager children. In back of this complex is a set of eight swings flying freely through the air. There is never an empty swing and excited children wait on long lines. The floor is layered with blue and black rubber in case a child was to fall off the swing and bruise him or herself. The rubber floors are scratched up and missing pieces in power the area. The swing area is also surrounded by a gate which takes up two thirds of the complex. This gate is rainbow colored with seat openings in the middle allowing children to sit with their friends and wait patiently for a chance to fly freely through the sky.
Upon exiting this area, you would spot dark red wooden benches for adults to sit on and watch their children entertain themselves. The surrounding area has a sophisticated feel to it with small tables for adults to put their beverages on and enjoy the environment. This surrounding area has flowers around it giving off a garden atmosphere. You would be able to take in the hot summer breeze and let all your worries disappear for a short period of time. On the other side of the benches, there is an enormous jungle gym for children to play on. They are able to fuss around for numerous hours and not get tired of doing the same activities over and over again. The design of the jungle gym is shaped like an S. It is like an experimental maze allowing the child to use his or her brain in figuring out how to get to the end of the jungle gym. The jungle gym itself is made up of metal and bright yellow wood, which