Release and Debut Ep Randomness Essay

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PRESS RELEASE March 3rd, 2014
Contact: Haris Kolenovic
Director of Communications & PR


Brooklyn DJ/ Producer Bruute is set to release the long awaited debut EP Randomness the day after Memorial Day on May 27th. Yakov ‘bruute’ Leonov has been busy these last few months, working on his EP, Dj’ing for Rhythm in Motion (DJ Company he works for), & on top of all that he is a full time student at CUNY of John Jay College. Recently through his twitter account, he found time to acknowledge to his fans that he will be releasing the long awaited EP.

“Alright guys, I can officially give you a release date for my first ever EP! It will be released on May 27th!” - Bruute

Bruute is expected to surprise us with the style of music on his EP just like he always does when he releases music on his soundcloud. Bruute tends to produce tracks in many different genres of electronic music. He’s released tracks like Allegheny, an Ambient/ Nu-Disco track which he stated to be known as “Forest Tunes” as if the sounds he produced were sounds coming out of the forest compiled into one track. He has also released tracks in the genres of tech- house & minimal house. One spectacular example was his incredible collaboration with good friend Joseph ‘Goldenchild’ Goldenberg called Royale With Cheese. So what to expect on his upcoming EP? Expect the…