Reliability of Results for the Clerical Test and Work Samples Essay

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Assignment 3
Reliability of Results for the Clerical Test and Work Samples Before interpreting the reliability results for the clerical test and work sample it is a good idea to first define what reliability of measurement is. A measurement is reliable to the extent that it provides a consistent set of scores to represent an attribute. In the majority of the case perfect reliability is never achieved because of the errors that the distinct types of measurement have. If we test the same time more than once, we are going to have greater reliability. As noted in the first table of the clerical test, the mean score in the results for the clerical test are very similar in the two tests made by the company, in Time one the mean was 31.61
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The company picked specific KSAOs in order to fill the customer representative position. These characteristics are critical to make a final decision. Some of the parameters of these characteristics are closely align with the purposes of the company, which makes the argument of the different tests more valid. One of the most important things to know about the job is to combine speed, accuracy, and interpersonal skills with tactfulness and concern of the customers. For these distinct reason stated above I believe that the results of the tests show validity and are favorable enough for Phonemin to consider them in selecting new job applicants, even though the “r with work sample” in the clerical test is not high.
Limitations when interpreting the results of the clerical test and work sample The most important part of the tests is to find the best suitable person for the customer representative position. The company have been receiving complains of its customer services, and it is trying to find better people for the job. Phonemin have specific KSAOs, which applicants are required to have in order to get the position. The objective of the tests was indeed to recruit the best person for the job. The tests were conducted in a written manner in some part. Candidates had 30 minutes in order to answer 50 questions, and the test was made taken 50 employees of the current workforce. The test is reliable and