Relics Essay

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When individuals in our lives pass away, as humans, we feel the need to have a possession of theirs close to us. These items become very important though they are no longer with that individual, the tangibility of the items allows us to feel closer to the person lost. These possessions become deeply sentimental to us and can be seen as relics. Relics can also be religious objects and extremities of saints, like bones. Religious relics, such as saintly remains, are still important to this day. They are said to act as a connection to the saint so that the saint may pass on prays to God. Taking a closer look at this belief we can further understand why ancient peoples treated these relics as they did- higher than themselves. Many of us today also have relics which we may call heirlooms; however, we display them very differently than past individuals. In the old, wicker basket in my room, on the knob of my door, or on the gear shift of my car, there are always ornate scrunches to remind me of my grandmother. After her passing, I received a few of my grandmother’s possessions. However, the ones most important to me are the oddly designed scrunches that decorated her hair almost every day for yard work or her special ones for sleeping. They always held her hair with such grace and left behind volumous waves once she removed them from her hair. Her hair left them with her sweet scent; even though, they no longer have her scent they still keep her close to my heart.