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Poverty – Locally and Globally
(Comparing Edmonton and a Third World Nation)
This assignment is worth 50marks out of the total 150 marks for the “Christian Action” component of Religion 35. The other 100marks will be for your hours/reflection OR the video project

Read the following questions and answer them in a typed format using 12pt font. Some organizations that you may wish to contact to assist you with your research are: Development and Peace, Change for Children, Amnesty International, etc… A useful website to visit to assist you with accurate facts and figures is . The CIA keeps very accurate and up to date records on countries. Ensure that you state which third world nation you are choosing and that it is a third world nation. As for Edmonton information on homelessness, a useful website may be:

1. Using the Internet or other resources, describe the extent of poverty in Edmonton and compare this to a Third World nation of your choice (living conditions, income, employment, malnutrition, education levels, opportunities for advancement, etc.). Write about half a page for each of the two areas researched (total of one page). Use several sources and properly document your sources at the end of the page (e.g. list the websites and/or list the name of the organizations you contacted). (8 marks)

2. Write about half a page for both Edmonton and your third world nation (total of one page). Describe, in detail, the steps that have been taken or are currently being taken by these countries to eliminate or reduce poverty in their areas. Again, list the sources you used to get your accurate information. (7 marks)

3. In your opinion, have these poverty-fighting measures been effective? How can you prove they have been effective or not effective? How can they be made more effective? (half a page total) (7 marks)

4. In the next five years, what are some realistic things you can do to help eliminate poverty in Edmonton and in the third world nation you chose? (e.g. – your shopping/spending habits, your use of resources, your volunteer/lobbying government efforts, etc…) Concretely list the measures that you will undertake year by year for Edmonton (about half a page) and for your third world