Religion and African Society A. Essay

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7.3 African Society and Culture
I. Aspects of African Society A. Intro
1. African towns grew from fortified wall villages to large center of commerce and government, including pottery, woodworking, metalworking and more 2. The relationship between a king and his subjects was actually mutually beneficial B. King and Subject
1. Different from Asian societies, African rulers listened to the common people for their complaints, but was still above them 2. Both sides benefited because a merchant received favors and kings filled their treasuries 3. A king also wanted to maintain order so merchants could trade. C. Family and Lineage
1. Very few Africans received an audience with the king; most lived in the countryside and their importance was determined by their lineage/extended family 2. Lineage groups were made of many extended families 3. All members of a lineage group were expected to take care of each other D. The Role of Women
1. Women were usually lower and worked the fields and even were merchants occasionally
2. Lineage in Africa was usually based on the mother making them matrilineal societies versus patrilineal societies E. Community Education and Initiation
1. Both girls and boys were taught together until age 6, when they split up; mothers taught girls language, their family history, and important songs, boys learned how to hunt, fish, clear fields, and how to live life 2. As the children matured, they took on many more responsibilities 3. Around puberty, girls and boys were “reborn” and then allowed to be called men and women F. Slavery 1. Slavery has been around a long time, including Africa 2. Berbers took Africans and sold then to societies in the Mediterranean 3. Slaves were also common in the East coast of Africa
4. Most lives of slaves were difficult because they were mostly used as hard laborers but sometimes were used as house servants or soldier, which were much better lives
II. Religious Beliefs in Africa A. Native Religions 1. Most African religious beliefs included a single creator; Yoruba 2. The creator god was sometimes joined by lessor gods (his sons) such as sunshine, rain, etc. 3. To communicate with these gods, diviners were employed by kings to talk with the gods and see what they want 4. Ancestors were also important for lineage groups so that they could trace their…