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AP World Chapter 2:

1. The great river systems of China are the Yellow and the Yangzi Rivers. The Yellow River is located in the North and the Yangzo is located in the warmer climate of the South which is ideal for rice production.

2. Oracle bones were used for Shang rulers to obtain information from ancestral spirits and gods. The writings on the oracle bones concerns the King, his court, and religious practices.

3. An ancient concern known as Feng Shui ("wind and water"). While building cities they would try to have a harmonious relationship with the terrain and the forces of the natural world.

4. There were bronze vessels decorated with depictions of real and imaginary animals used to make offerings to ancestral spirits in the tombs. The possession of bronze objects was a sign of authority.

5. Confucianism was a philosophical and ethical framework for conducting ones life and understanding ones place in the world, however, it was not a religion. Confucius had respect for gods, ancestors, and religious traditions, he felt that supernatural natters were simply unknowable. For Confucius, the family was the fundamental component of society. Each person had his or her place and duties in a hierarchal order was determined by age and gender.

6. Daoism urged withdrawal from empty formalities, rigid hierarchy and distractions of the Chinese society. In a world that is constantly changing and lacks absolute morality or meaning, all that matters in the individual's fundamental understanding of, and accommodation to the "path" of nature.

7. Nubia inhabited territory connecting sub-saharan Africa with North Africa and served as a trade corridor between tropical Africa and the Mediterranean.

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