Religion and Baby Boomers Essay

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Why Am I Back In Church
Eric Nagourney's 2012 Article from the New york Times examines Religion before the baby boomers and after. Baby boomers have been known for many different things but religion is certainly not one of them. In the 60's as they became of age boomers were not very religous as previous generation were. Everyone knows that as people get older they become religious and the boomers were no exception. In 2010 Gallup conducted a survey that found that people ages 50 to 64 went to church more frequently than those 18 to 29. Pollsters noticed thier was a much higher percentage of baby boomers now who said they attend church compared to thier adolencent years.Frank Newport, Gallup’s editor in chief, said. “They were less religious, that group, 20 years ago than they are now,” . These findings are best applied to christians and Jews. Pollisters conducted thier experiment by simply calling people and asking them. Nagourney presents his article in a humorous tone by the way he explainsthe experiment and how its results were accurate. Nagourney's asks a legitime question in his article he asks "how many people are going to say that the last time they went to church was three years ago?" He also explains that as the boomers who got married, settled down, and had children they were simply nudged toward religion. Not all boomers have returned many wont due to the distrust in institutions such as organized realigion. Even though many baby boomers are returning to