Religion and Bio Gattaca Perfection Essay

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Perfection; there’s no such thing in this world. Today even if we try to take the best of all things there’s always going to be a slight imperfection in everything. All of us want to and try to archive this by following movie stars and what we see in the media. It tells us how we should act, talk, look, feel like, etc. As much as we want to be perfect and better then the next guy that doesn’t always happen do to the fact all of out DNA are not exact copies of one another and we don’t asexually reproduce. Thus, we all have a slight difference between us. With that being said to a point we are all as a whole a perfect society but if you were to pick out one of the imperfections we would fall apart. The same is said if you were to take out an animal from the food chain. So no we don’t want and won’t ever have a perfect society. Where do we draw the line in society on genetically altering a child? Well that could entail many factors such as what your religion has to say on it, and ethnic beliefs. But at the same time we all want the blue eyed blond haired kid that is perfect in every way possible but in order to due that you have to “play god” so to speak and some think that’s crossing the line and that it shouldn’t be done which, leads us back to the person’s ethnic beliefs. But if you can save a child’s life cause of this then by all means it should be allowed no matter what your religious beliefs. With all this