Essay Religion and Higher Power

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The poem Into My Arms by Nick Cage describes how religion can obstruct the relationship between a man and a woman, however through persistence and love they can overcome their differences. The first stanza introduces the conflict in the relationship, that the man doesn't believe in an 'interventionist God', but the woman does. The next stanza eases the pressure of that conflict, because of the woman, the man begins to question his disbelief, saying that after looking at her he questions whether or not angels exist. The final stanza concludes the poem by saying both the man and the women believe in love as a higher power, peace is brought to the conflict through the unifying belief. Although the man doesn't believe in these higher powers all the way through the poem, he still asks things of them that only good things will happen to the woman.
The theme of religion portrayed in the poem is shown to be somewhat ironic, because conflict in this relationship is caused by a faith that is designed to be unifying. In my short story, contrary to the poem, I don't label the higher power, instead I use the girl to portray the higher power and through that influence the boys view on life. The girl reflects her free spirit portrayal of the higher power through her appearance and actions. The way she dresses and acts is important to describe how the higher power is to be conveyed to the boy. The yin yang on the girls shirt, symbolizes the major theme about finding balance and harmony in life, this reinforces the theme that love can be used to overcome people's differences. When the girl stand in the middle of the road when the car is coming towards her shows the boy and the reader how the girl lives her life and also what the higher power inspire, as the car swerves around the girl the boy can see that she believes in the flow of life, that everything is going the same direction and everything is malleable to the things around it. nuances indicating a higher