Religion and Monk Essay

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Comparison of Monk and Parson

In Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales two characters that are alike in their professions, but very different in their lifestyles, are the Monk and the Parson. They may both have jobs that are involved with the lord, but they follow their paths very differently. But they both feel that they are doing things the way they should be done. In these ways, and more, they can be considered very alike or very different individuals.
Both the Monk and the Parson are followers of God, and supposed to be strict believers in their religion. And, the Parson sticks to this belief very strongly. He follows every rule and edict to the T. He expects nothing less from those who follow him, within his parish. He is also a firm believer that one should practice what they preach, and therefore, he is an extremely devout man, who takes no pleasure from the material world.
The Monk is of a different class of religious persons of that time period. Being a monk, he is supposed to follow the order of St. Benedict, and stay on a monastery. He is supposed to devote his life to prayer and working the earth to grow crops and to benefit those in need. However, this monk feels that his time is better put to use with other pursuits, such as hunting. He is an avid hunter and also an avid eater. He is a very rotund man, having eaten his fair share of meat, and it shows. In general he could be described as a fat and happy individual, with little regard for rules.
While they may be very different…