Religion and Morality Essay

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Morally Transformed
When one is asked to evaluate their own morals and to reflect upon those certain standards they live by, most assume the highest of themselves. Morals differ for every person and can be somewhat inherited but are mostly shaped by the specific person their selves. The morals I have chosen to live by have truly defined my life in so many amazing ways. After taking the Moral Questionnaire, the categories of morals that I mainly live by were confirmed. I scored high in the categories of “Care/Harm”, “In-group/Loyalty” and “Purity/Sanctity”. To be honest, I highly dislike taking questionnaires because the results usually turn out inaccurate for me or make me out to be the complete opposite of who I am, but the results of this one came out just right.
These results did not seem to surprise me one bit. I scored the highest in the "Care/Harm" category. I focus a lot of myself on how other people are treated, before how I am treated. I care about the happiness of others more than the happiness of myself. I humble myself in the fact that I am always the person that people go to when they need someone to talk to, or for advice, or someone to just listen to what they have to say. I would much rather people know that I care about them than think that I don't, so I do everything I can to express how much I care for the people around me. Also, the "In-group/Loyalty" category really describes me because I consider loyalty a large part of my life. I think loyalty to those around you, no matter how well you know them or you don't, really says a lot about who you are. I want people to be aware that they can trust me with things, and know that I do everything with a good intention. Lastly, the "Purity/Sanctity" category means a lot to me, especially at this sector of my life. Purity means a lot to me, in many ways. Not only purity in what I say and believe in, but especially purity in the choices I make. I feel that remaining pure until the right moment is essential to keeping a close and healthy relationship with God.
I consider myself a Non-Denominational Christian. I attend Life Church on Saturday nights and if I am unable to make that service, I tune in online on Sunday. Though many consider Life Church as a "party church" or a "concert church" but I could not be any more in love with it. Beginning the message with worship, there are more upbeat songs that are played that get the church members and crowds to their feet with their hands raised high. Seeing the whole church so carefree and in love with everything God has done for them is what makes me enjoy Life Church so much. The sermons every week draw me in, without losing my attention. Our pastor, Craig Groeschel, makes the sermon engaging and exciting for all who are listening all over the world and I think that adds a neat feel to the church community as a whole. When you walk into the doors of Life Church, there are no judgments made. The atmosphere automatically makes you feel like you are at home, no matter whom you are or what kind of background you have. You could come wearing ripped pants and a shirt covered in mud and will be treated no less than the woman wearing designer clothing. The feeling of community and family that lingers around the church is something that is completely indescribable. Every person is there seeking the same thing, to deepen their relationship with God, and the staff of Life Church does everything they are able to make sure that will happen.
Religion and my faith has always been a huge part of my life. Being raised by a single mother who has the strongest faith and best values, I have always hoped the same for myself. I grew up not knowing anything about my father, except for a name. My mom always told me "God is the only 'father' you will ever need, Katie." As a child, I never really understood how that was possible, seeing all of my friends with their dads on career day or at talent shows really made me lose my faith and