Religion and Rituals Essay

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George Cedeno
Professor Brooker
College Comp II
29 October 2014

Ritual Poem Certain rituals move certain people. Rituals can be viewed as a routine or a tradition. Ritual is a religious or solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed accordingly. Whether it is a family tradition or something you practice on your own, it is a ritual. Rituals can be done daily every week or even every month. For it to be considered a ritual it has to be practiced every so often. Rituals are more enforced in religions. No matter the religion you are raised to or converted to, I can assure that religion has rituals. For instances, some religions require the appearance of church every Sunday. By simply attending church weekly it has become both a routine and ritual. In this particular case by the church enforcing their followers to attend on a weekly basis, it keeps them in their favor. People become a custom to going and the community within builds a close bond. Speaking for a catholic point of view. The church I attend with my family, the overall community has a tight bond. The values you learn is the same you would learn within a family.
For example, some values we learn in the church is always helping other. We are all God’s creations and should always be willing to give a helping hand to those in need. Our church is always hosting activities and trips for the people of the church and the new followers. As I look into my rituals I notice its more of hoping for a better tomorrow and being a better person. As I pray every night I ask for forgiveness for the sins I have committed and ask to better my self for the next day. On that aspect I tend to rely on hope to aspire for great