Religion And Science Chapter 2 Notes

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* Hubris: height of arrogance * He is educated and has context, something beyond this world * Believes that in Asia, specifically Korea, there was hubris with Christianity * During time of colonialism * Author states that he is not denouncing Christianity, but the way it was perpetrated on the Korean people. LIINEAR THINKING and DUALISM is not apart of the cultures until you bring the religion to the people. * “How can you tell me this message of Jesus and being in my heart and have it connect to everything else?” * Linear Thinking: Do not address the subject. Talk around and around the subject. Must have a beginning and an end. Does not believe in continuity. MUST have a place of beginning and end. * Dualism: You can blend religions in the East. One does not need to be the superior religion. * Author loves Christianity and Jesus. He believes the Christianity brought over is wrong-God was already in Korea sanctifying and saving them. * Christianity brought over denied pluralism. * Author did not believe in the gap of religion and science * Descriptive narrative: just listen, do not judge. Requires modesty and reverence of oneself and the other. * Fallacy of Misplaced Concreteness: error of mistaking the abstract for the concrete (Science in the Modern World) * Daoism: religion of China. Spiritual pathway that came from history of China.