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Cole Zadro
Religion 11-4
Mr. Kuzenko
November 18th, 2014
Catholic Social Teaching Critical Commentary

1. Life and Dignity of the Human Person
This is shown through the family members that have lost their loved ones. The people that show the affection of how much they care about there family members. With the affection that these Aboriginal women are showing in this article is significant because it shows that these women are trying to have their loved ones live their lives to the fullest.

2. Participation: The Call to Family and Community
This subtopic is important to the article because it talks about the rights that the people should have that they are certainly not given in this article. These people who have been either killed or taken away the people have taken away the common good of a human being on earth. In this scenario that the article is talking about, the subsidiarity of society has been broken. This means that if society doesn’t do something on its own to help these kinds of people when they are having problems then the government must join to help the people. Although this is not happening for a reason as it could be because they are aboriginal and the government feels “they did it to themselves”.

3. Rights and Responsibilities
The rights of the people that have been murdered or taken in this article have lost their rights. This is because they are not giving the things that a person needs be fully what God created them to be. As well as the peoples survival rights have been taken because the people that have been killing and kidnapping are taking away the food and shelter for the people to live in and survive. Because of all of these things going on, the thrival rights of the Aboriginal women has been taken away which is the things that are necessary for people to fully realize there God-given dignity.

4. The Option for the Poor and Vulnerable
The people that have done the killing and such have not taken the option to put the poor and vulnerable first, instead they take advantage of these things and get ride of or use them. And the Aboriginal people fit into this category because they are said to be not as equal and not as capable to participate in society. These people who have killed are not taking part of the people with these problems, they are just getting rid of the people in general instead of making a difference and helping them get through it. An example of people who help and make what other people have as a problem their own to help them in the best way possible would be peacemakers. This is because they go to countries that have gone through rough times and trying to make it better for them in any way possible.

5. The Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers
These people have now been taken away from being able to work and this will make a difference to others in the end. If these people are taken (kidnapped), this means that they would probably not be in a good working environment and also would not be paid well if anything at all. Because people are being treated like this, this is influencing some people to ensure the basic rights of a safe work place and such although; this doesn’t