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Christianity Timeline

49 AD New Faith, church decisions, gentiles can join church
60 AD Paul to Rome, Simon Peter also come.
64 AD Fire-Nero blamed for it but blamed Christians
70 AD Burned Jewish Temple, Jesus homeland.
200 AD Christianity all over Rome, different cities.
110 AD Ignatius Christianity and Rome are centralized.
303 AD Clayton says the Sun God dislikes Christians. Wants to destroy Christians.
3rd Century Rome is in trouble.
312 AD Divided Empire collapses. Constantine seeks power
323 AD Constantine defends the east and is now sole ruler.
325 AD Nicene Creed created.
367 AD Bible contents revealed- New Testament.
4th Century Monastic movement, Anthony of Egypt attempts to talk to God.
400 AD Confession
387 AD St Augustine baptized.
410 AD Tribe reaches Rome and over runs it.
430 AD St Augustine Dies.
440 AD Rome has a new Bishop Leo the first.
1170 King Henry-Thomas Becket Champion of Church
1095 Europe torn between Lords- battle.
1096 10 armies begin marching to constant marble 2nd wave of crusaders head to the holy land Jerusalem
1099 Arrive in Jerusalem and slaughter in the battle.
13th Century Constantine Noble- east west troubled
1202 Jerusalem lost to Muslim
1231 Gregory 9th- Established courts of Christianity inquisition
16th Century Spain united as Catholic.
1517 Martin Luther- Indulgence, Protestant reform.
1530 West Europe Protestant spreading.
1533 King Henry 8th Church of England
1534 Oath of supremacy.
1522 Loyola heads to the Holy Land
1540 Jesuits
1560 Europe is divided by faith
1632 Galileo tried for hierarchy.
18th Century England industrial revolution, religious hunger.
1607 Followers of Calvin