Religion: Christianity and God Essay

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Tatianna Armfield
Religion Versus Life
1) What do you think is the most significant aspect of your religion?
God created the world and has made us to be like Him. However, in doing so we have sinned and so therefore, God sent Jesus who was perfect and sinless, to die upon a cross for us, If we believe that we can be saved and be perfect and we can have eternal life. That is the most fundamental aspect because this is basically one of the most significant reasons Christianity is all about.
2) What do you think others need to know about your religion and What church are you associated with?
I want others to know that God very real. Christianity is a way of guidance and a relationship where I can speak to God and pray to Him and I know He loves me and guides me through life. The personal relationship you can have with God is something I want people to know about. 3) What are your beliefs in god?
I believe in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

4) What are you such a strong believer in your faith?
God answers prayers and He’s very real, and that’s what makes me a strong believer. I remember when I first got married I had no money, no nothing, and yet God provided for me. Sometimes when I don’t know what to do or when I’m afraid, God fills my mind and heart.
5) What are some of your religious traditions, rituals?
Praying is a very significant tradition which we can do anywhere and anytime. God listens to us and speaks to us. Scripture reading is also very important, we believe that’s how God speaks to us. Another tradition is coming together at a church to worship. Fasting is also very significant.
6) How does observing, practicing, performing these rituals affect your life on a daily basis?
In practicing Christianity is we don’t have to do anything, but we do it out of love and kindness. Jesus said, “If you love me you will obey my commands.” So we pray because we want to. Every time I do something that God allows and wants me to do, it always makes things easier and better, and you can view that’s as how it affects my daily life. 7) Has any of your personal relationships affected or been affected by your religion? How do other people and outside religions view you?
No to the first part. I am very aware that not everyone believes or sacrifice the way I do.
8) Does your religion provide a guide for your future path?
Yes, Christianity definitely provides a guide for my future path. The Bible says that God knows the plan He has for us. I believe that God knows everyday of our lives and He is has and always will be everywhere. He has provided us free will and choice, but he already knows what we will choose.
9) Brief definition of religion
Religion is a collection of beliefs, the worship of god, always trying to help those in need, doing unto others as you would have them do unto you.
10) How does your faith handle societal issues such as premarital sex and teen pregnancy?
We don’t believe in premarital sex, but honestly when you view it you’re giving away something so precious, your virginity, so why not just wait until you find someone you want to commit to and marry and when marriage comes along you can have that commitment. However, everyone a sinner, so we can’t really judge them because only god can judge, therefore we are always trying to help each other to be and maintain holy. For teen pregnancies, we encourage the person to keep the baby, because we do not believe in abortion, abortion is killing. When dealing with abortion you don’t know who you have killed you could be killing the next president. 11) Is your religion open to or similar to other religions?
I strongly believe the only way to have eternal life is by accepting and allowing Jesus Christ as your