Religion: Communication and Jet Crash Essay

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Professor Barbara Wilson
Communications (CST 110)
1 April 2013


1. I felt very comfortable with myself and my audience knowing that it was a group project and having 4 other people next to me. It helped cool down my anxiety, due to the fact that not all the attention was focused on me.
2. My posture and position was in a professional style throughout our jet crash presentation.
3. I spoke loudly and clear and maintained my tone so that everyone could hear me.
4. I believe that I answered all 9 questions in STEP #2 to the best of my ability and effectively, providing informative, as well as detailed answers.
5. My four group partners and I were respectful to one another while presenting and provided the extra and needed support, causing a more relaxing scenario.
6. Lastly, the organization and structure from the problem to the solution was very professional, orderly and presentable towards our audience. Overall it was an enjoyable and great experience!

1. One of my major setbacks throughout the presentation was my “blackouts.” I would forget the questions, even though I researched and studied my responses, and would leave a long pause due to feeling nervous and tense.
2. Also, being given the longest step to present, I realized that I was speaking at a faster pace than usual in order to take the spotlight off of myself.
3. I used the PowerPoint to my disadvantage by reading the information off of it and lessening the amount and quality of eye contact with the audience.
4. Lastly, my greatest struggle was how to project the information thoroughly and in depth, so my listeners could grasp the problem and understand the scenario we were involved in. This step added more pressure to me as I began to feel overwhelmed and overloaded, but I managed to overcome the fear and pull through.

A speech can help you communicate a message. The way you present and speak contributes to your end result. Practicing the correct way and gaining more and more experience will help build my skills and give a grand presentation as well as making myself a great presenter. This group presentation has taught me a lot - from learning how to communicate as a group, to expanding my horizons of creativity by analyzing the problem effectively in order to find the given solution. As being chosen to act as the group leader, I felt more confident in myself and was more outgoing and communicative to my other 4 group members. I had a role and others were relying on me to play my part as a leader and guide them through